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Embrace your natural beauty and unique curves with Beishi – a platform that encourages women to express themselves boldly and confidently. Regardless of body type, every woman possesses innate charm. Beishi provides a stage for self-expression, allowing you to showcase your brilliance. We advocate self-awareness, empowering every girl to embrace and enhance her individual beauty. Join us in celebrating diversity and confidently expressing your unique style with Beishi.


Our materials boast natural fibers carefully selected among the 12 main textile options, perfectly catering to the physiological needs of human skin. With a combination of smoothness, coolness, breathability, anti-static features, and exceptional color retention, our textiles prioritize both comfort and enduring quality. Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, we dismiss the idea of "disposable" fashion. By elevating ordinary viscose, we enhance its strength and fatigue resistance, ensuring our dresses are not only durable but also notably resistant to shrinkage.


Guided by the principle of "quality first," we meticulously choose high-quality suppliers in alignment with the standards of a light luxury brand. Our commitment extends beyond mere collaboration, as we actively support our suppliers in continuous process upgrades. After thorough field investigations and evaluations, we've strategically partnered with a reputable factory in Guangzhou, China. Boasting over a decade of experience in crafting bandage dresses, this facility operates with a comprehensive, scientific, and intelligent production management system. Committed to environmental responsibility, our chosen factory prioritizes machine-based production to minimize ecological impact.


We prioritize sustainability in our approach to clothing, considering it a long-term investment. Our dedication is reflected in substantial investments in fabric research and development, resulting in durable and comfortable materials. Our mission goes beyond profit, aiming to offer customers high-quality products within budget by bridging the supplier-customer gap. To drive efficiency, we've introduced the tripartite SASS system, independently developed for digitizing the supply chain and supplier processes. Committed to cost reduction at every stage, we promise to maintain our brand's gross profit margin below 20%, ensuring savings are passed on to consumers.


Our production line benefits from ample raw materials, a skilled workforce, advanced technology, and a safe working environment. We carefully choose modern, high-tech, and ethical factories through thorough investigations. We ensure our partner factories consistently participate in evaluations and promptly update technology to maintain production quality and efficiency. Feel free to learn more about our factory, and you're always welcome to supervise at any time. Your interest and oversight are crucial to our commitment to transparency and quality.


Beishi is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all our employees. This commitment guides our choice of factories, as we prioritize those that offer a healthy and safe working environment. We actively supervise these factories to guarantee excellent employee welfare, fair treatment, and reasonable working hours. Additionally, we consistently focus on the physical and mental health of our workers.

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